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Romantic Room Designs has recently been featured on ABC TV's The View from the Bay with Spencer Christian, Carmel Magazine, The Monterey Herald, Ink Magazine, Carmel Pine Cone, San Jose Mercury News, The Los Gatos Weekly Times and was selected as a gift item for a Pre-Emmy ™ Awards party and requested by Playboy ™ TV. As former hospitality executives, we have over 30 years of combined experience and have performed designed at over 60 local hotels including Bernardus Lodge, Quail Lodge, Monterey Plaza Hotel, Carmel Valley Ranch, Portola Hotel, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Park Hyatt, Cypress Inn, Tickle Pink Inn and many, many others.

We have been in business since January, 2006 and have been involved in the hospitality business for a combined 36 years.

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Romantic Room Designs

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"I'm just going to put this out there... This may be the most romantic thing ever." - My girlfriend after I surprised her with a beach bonfire on Monterey State Beach from Romantic Room Designs.

My girlfriend and I were in Monterey for the Big Sur Half Marathon, and I thought it would be very romantic to watch the sunset from a beach the night before the race. I found out about this activity through a random Internet search, and boy am I ever happy I did! The kit includes a setup with a fire, a blanket, ingredients for S'mores, mineral water, and flowers. This service was worth every penny.

I called Brian (the owner) on Thursday morning and requested a fire for Saturday. He quickly walked me through the options (feel free to ask him any questions; he knows the local area very well and he tracks the weather conditions carefully). To summarize, there are two locations to light fires; one in Monterey and one in Carmel. Since the race packet pickup and our hotel were closer to Monterey, I chose that location. Many people prefer Carmel because it has a more direct view of the sunset, but the sunset on Monterey State Beach is also very pretty (the sun sets over the hills in Pacific Grove and the city lights start to come on shortly afterwards which makes for a very magical sight). While we were on the phone, he forwarded me Google Maps with directions and lots of street view pictures and instructions on how to find the setup; it took all of the stress out of planning how to "happen upon" the fire.

Everything went perfectly on Saturday. We arrived a few minutes before our designated time (which I chose to be 4PM, an hour before sunset), so we had to walk along the beach for a bit and loop around before I surprised her with the fire. The fire is very close to the beach access point in Monterey, so I suggest you either show up way early and walk a fair distance so a loop looks legitimate or show up on the dot at the designated time.

In a box next to the blanket and fire, you'll find S'Mores ingredients (a pack of Graham crackers, two bars of chocolate, and a small bag of marshmallows) and skewers, and mineral water and cups (feel free to request still instead of sparkling if you prefer that). To add a little personal twist, I brought along a saucepan, hot cocoa mix, and UHT milk which doesn't need to be refrigerated and we made hot chocolate on the fire! The roses were also lovely... I would suggest you bring a vase, or if you'd like to be less conspicuous, use a large-mouth water bottle and keep the flowers in the cup holder of your car for the rest of the trip!

There was plenty of extra wood, so we managed to keep the fire going for 1.5 hours (a bit past 5:30PM, just when it started to get a bit nippy). Cleanup was super easy; we used the little water bottle provided to put out the fire, but I suggest you bring your own larger one just to make sure it's out. Then, we just left the skewers and lighter on the blanket and took off to enjoy the rest of our trip. And don't worry about wandering in the dark; they'll give you an awesome LED flashlight which is yours to keep.

My girlfriend was literally floored by the experience. She had no idea this was coming, and she was laughing and smiling with delight for almost the entire trip afterwards. She has told me over and over again that she felt like she was the Bachelorette on TV, and all of her female relatives are already atwitter about how wonderful I am (although the male relatives now feel a bit more pressure than they did previously).

The service was top-notch and professional, and the experience was one that we'll never forget.

Vijay N, Stanford, CA
November, 2011

Hi Brian,

You have no idea how much my husband was just absolutely blown away by my surprise gift for him! I even got my i-Pod ready on video mode to capture everything--which I'm so glad I did! From the time he opened the door (he was wondering where the "lights" were coming from) up to the time that he opened the message in the bottle (that was really sooooooooo cute!). He was speechless for about close to ten minutes and just kept looking at me lovingly, saying "I love you!" over and over. He kept gushing and raving over the decor (the tulle, the balloons, the LED lights, the stuff in the basket,and the rose petals that were on the floor and the bed.) He could not believe how I was able to "pull up something like that" while we were having dinner at the Pacific Cafe (a few steps down the inn.) When he unrolled the scroll and found the message was written in French (he grew up in France and lived there for 17 years before moving to California), he couldn't believe it! (I actually used Google Translate for that--ha-ha!). He read it out loud (which made me fall in love with him even more...) then translated it in English (as if I didn't make a mental note of what I sent you--har!) He even thought that it was the Inn who took did it--and I said "No, they had nothing to do with it. Although the person who prepared all of this informed the ladies downstairs that he was coming..."

You have no idea how much you've made my husband and I feel so very special and happy with the way you've decorated our bedroom! It was truly a very memorable night for both of us! I absolutely agree with you when you said that the room was beautiful! You should have seen it when it was still daylight--it's just stunningly gorgeous! My husband and I didn't even want to leave our bedroom anymore! No one beats Carmel when it comes to the best and the most perfect ocean views!

Thank you very much once again for everything! Great job!

Paula B, Sacramento
August, 2011


I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me on such short notice this past weekend. Everything was a huge hit, and she loved everything.

Thank you for helping in such a romantic weekend. I was stressed already with everything, and it was nice to take one component out that I didn't have to worry about. I was a bit nervous at first (it was such short notice), but was very happy when it all turned out. Everything was great, and I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends that are looking to do something nice down there in the future.

Let me know next time you are planning on coming up to San Jose.

Eric J. Haraga
Owner | Operator
Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge
May, 2011

Hi Brian

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making our 1st anniversary so memorable. we absolutely loved the beach bonfire and my wife was completely surprised. She was so touched... thank you so much. It was really special. The weather wasn't the best, but regardless it was an incredible time.

Also, thank you for the recommendations on restaurants. All the advice came in handy.

Thanks again Brian... you really made our trip memorable.

Vince C., San Francisco
August, 2011

Brian, thanks for all the phone calls to get things setup. Everything turned out perfectly! Katie was very surprised, and the hat tip about the dolphins was the perfect ruse to put it all together :) The bonfire/roses and little message in a bottle were absolutely perfect, everything came out even better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for everything. Telling all of my friends about you guys so they can impress their ladies as well :)

Ted and Katie, San Francisco
February, 2011

This was so fabulous! Romantic and Promp! The whole evening was something out of a movie! Thank you Brian you did a great job! When you go to their site and see the pictures? Believe what you see! The pictures do not lie!! Use this service and you will be impressed

Yvette, San Jose
June, 2010

We had a great time at Tradewinds Carmel and Romantic Room Designs made the difference. The look of surprise on her face when she saw the layout in the room was priceless. I don't know who enjoyed it more. The bonfire setup was perfect and another nice surprise was how comfortable we both were even in the chilly weather. is a must do for anyone in the mood. Tradewinds staff were wonderful and everything went better than planned, we will surely be back.

Thank you very much for a wonderful getaway. We needed it.
Mike and Karen
October, 2009

Our anniversary getaway was memorable in and of itself, but I cannot put into words the reaction I had when I walked into our hotel room and saw the transformation before me! I was completely blown away and surprised when I saw what had been done; details like the candles and chocolate kisses, not to mention the delicious chocolate chip cookies truly put our weekend over the edge and will make it one I won't soon forget!

March, 2010
Hyatt Regency Monterey

Once again we had a great time staying at La Playa Hotel. This trip was to celebrate my wifes 40th birthday. So I decided to call Brian with Romantic Room Designs to have him work his magic. Brian and I arranged to have the room decorated while my wife and I were out to dinner. When we got back to the room i had only opened the door about 6 inches before she noticed the flickering votive candles at which point her emotions let loose. Brian did a great job making sure it would be a 40th she'd never forget. I just want to say thanks to both La Playa and Brian with Romantic Room Designs for helping make a special day even better.

September, 2009
La Playa Hotel

"Most memorable moment of my life and all made possible with the help of Heidi and her Husband Brian. Everything flowed great, literally no worrying at all about the set up and how it was all going to happen. Well worth the money!!!!! I highly encourage letting Heidi from Creative Carmel Photography capture every moment from when you arrive to when you leave (from the proposal bonfire). With her great pictures I can now relive the moment and can share them with our friends and families.....something never to be forgotten!"

Justin S.
April, 2009

"Thank you sooo much for the perfect date on the beach!!! Everything was just as I wanted and hoped for!!! You did an amazing job!! I loved that we just walked onto the beach and everything was there for boyfriend was floored!!! Telling all of my friends!!!

M. Padgett (via iPhone)
June, 2009

I would like to say "thank you" for the great room decoration (for my proposal) and I had a very special romantic night at the Simpson House Inn (in Santa Barbara)!!! I will definitely tell my buddies about your Romantic Room Designs website.

May, 2009
Romance Inside A Box Order

My best friend was speechless when we finally got to the bonfire. He tried to read the words written in rose petals and when he was able to figure out that it was meant for him, he was too stunned to say anything. He kept looking at me lovingly, teary-eyed, overwhelmed with the gesture. For about 10 to 15 minutes, he just kept staring at me, shaking his head in shock and awe--and after it kinda wore off, he hugged me and said "Nobody has done anything like this for me! I feel like I'm the most special person on earth right now! And thank you for making me feel like one!"

Long story short, we had the most romantic and wonderful time celebrating his birthday at the beach, watching the sunset together, keeping ourselves warm.....

When we got back to the inn, he could not believe his eyes when he saw the bed with the rose petals, LED flicker lights, and "diamonds". He was stunned to say the least! He asked me how and where I got these wonderful ideas from. I told him, it was all your ideas and that I wanted to surprise him on his birthday.

Thank you, Brian, for allowing both my best friend and I to experience the most exhilarating and enchanted sunset date ever! We look forward to going back to Carmel....
Paula C.
February, 2009 (Centrella Inn) is for Romantic Room Designs who really topped off our romantic weekend getaway! My bf surprised me with a bonfire picnic on the beach all set up by this company! I was FLOORED when my bf led me to the spot, everything was so perfect! The fire was going, they gave us everything we needed for smores on a blanket, even fresh roses, perrier water and a flashlight for after it got dark! I was incredibly impressed with the presentation and loved everything. Such a genius idea! (View client photo)
January, 2008 (Beach Resort)

It could not have been more perfect! She was blown away, I was impressed and she said YES! Again, I want to say thank you very much and I will forever be thankful for the part you played in this.
D. Kemplen
September, 2008 (Carmel)

Thank you so much for doing a great job on decorating the room! My boyfriend was completely surprised and he loved it! I have told so many people about your services and how great the outcome was. Oh, and the music playing from the I-POD was a great touch to set the mood.

Karissa Monroy
June, 2008 (Portola Hotel and Spa)

The Bonfire was absolutely fantastic! We will always remember the entire event! Sooo glad you had the link to your services. It was a great 20th Anniversary and we will recommend you Highly!
Joyce and Steve, Squaw Valley, CA
February, 2008

I recently took a romantic trip to Monterey and stayed in the Hotel pacific for my girlfriends 30th birthday and I wanted it to be a perfect getaway from the stresses of such a touchy transitional birthday as you ladies may know. I just wanted everyone to take note of a company I used called

This has got to be the single smartest thing I did on my romantic trip. The company offers really cool packages or they do 'made to order' items that include but not limited to, silk rose petal trails leading to your bed, candles real and electric if needed (BTW the electric versions fooled the staff who thought they were real), various naughty massage oil type items and champagne all of which is secretly setup in your room of choice before you arrive at the hotel. They even did a hand written note in my words and had bows and feathery items strategically place. My girlfriend was so surprised, simply blow away to say the least. If you're a man who wants to wow your loved one, its money well spent. The package I got even came with a nicely designed "do not disturb" sign I hung on the door of course..... All of the items were great mementos that my girlfriend has kept from the trip. Ordering was easy and the people were very helpful in helping me choose the right things. What can I say.... other then use them and you'll look like a super hero! I'm sure this review sounds like I work for the company, but I'm really just a regular guy who does my research and the results were so successful that I just had to share this little gem!
June, 2007 (Hotel Pacific)

A beautiful table was set up by "Romantic Room Designs" with rose pettals, lace, candle light, roses, champange, etc. "Romantic Room Designs" came into the room ahead of our arrival time and set up the room. When my husband and I check in (this was a surprise for my husband) he walked in the room and was blown away. The dinner its self was ordered though "Door Bell Dining" who delivers from restaurants all around the area. I would recomend "Romantic Room Designs" for all kinds of occasions. Check out their site Two thumbs up for our stay in Carmel
Barbara D.
February, 2008 (Cobblestone Inn)

The concierge recommended Romantic Room Designs to me as we were going there for Valentines day. This company did a fabulous job on the room, my wife almost fell over when she saw it.
Jackson, Canada
February, 2008 (Carmel Valley Ranch)

Brian I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for me at the Gosby House on Valentines Day. Lori was totally overwhelmed and was crying even before she read the "Message in a bottle".Lori said it was the best Valentines day in her life.It was quite emotional for me also just seeing the look on her face.You did a great job decorating the room.
Thank you
Randy O.
February, 2007 (Gosby House Inn)

I called Romantic Room Designs to decorate our room for our Anniversary, and not only do they service this hotel, they really did it right and made our stay even more memorable.
June, 2007 (Bernardus Lodge)

Thank you for creating an incredible experience for us. My husband was blown away by the way it was all prepared for us as we walked up. I set the birthday bonfire for the day we arrived. After travelling all day we were both pretty tired and ready for something relaxing. I was able to tell him that there was a surprise and we needed to be somewhere at 7:15. He drove us following the directions I gave him which you provided and walked down to the beach and there before us was the most beautifully laid out presentation of blanket, bonfire, wine, basket and gorgeous roses. He was in awe, as was I. He kept asking me how I did this. He was overwhelmed and said this was the absolute best and he just couldn't get over how perfect it was. We sat down and enjoyed the excellent wine you chose (GREAT thanks to you Brian for the extra effort in picking out one that was highly rated), Pelligrino, cheese, crackers and s'mores. Then he read to me from the love book in the basket. We took lots of pictures and relaxed next to the fire while watching a beautiful sunset. He said it was the best part of the entire vacation - :) Which was a wonderful vacation! Thank you so much - I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone, your level of detail and service is unmatched. Thank you for making this a truly memorable event for both of us - I felt like the surprise was for me! What a bonus!
Kim F.
May, 2007

We wanted to pass along our appreciation for a job well done on our bonfire Monday Oct 1! It was just perfect, and the S'Mores is such a cute touch. It was a very unique way to spend our Anniversary evening and more fun than the usual dinner-out sort of thing. I especially appreciate your understanding when we ended up running late and your overall customer service-orientation. That phrase is so overused nowadays, but you really do embody the concept. Thanks again for a truly memorable anniversary experience!
Donna and Mark Ryan
Denver, CO
September, 2007

Thank you for your efforts on 12th July at Carmel, Louisa was over the moon and the night was fantastic.

Many many thanks again.

Barrie Coxon.
London, England July, 2007

Thank you for the work you did on our room at Bernardus Lodge. Your company did an amazing job that made that night even more memorable.
Stephen T.
San Francisco, CA March, 2007

Hi Brian, I would like to thank you very much by your very professional and perfect service. I was afraid about the shortest time I gave you to prepare everything, because I bougth it on Sunday, just before my long trip from Brazil to California, with no phone contact with you. And, when we arrived in the Lantern Green Hotel in Carmel, at 3 PM on Monday, my wife cried with emotions and became very happy with the beautiful surprise I gave to her, thanks by your delivery on-time. It was the beginning of a wonderful week celebrating 25 years married. It was one of those magic moments that stay forever in our soul. Room Romantic Design is now part of our history life.
Antonio Canova
Brazil May, 2007

That was the most incredible night ever!...First and foremost, you helped create a memory that will last with us the rest of our lives. Steph was blown away by the unique and romantic idea you have come up with... I can't begin to tell you how many positive comments we've had about the entire proposal. A very fine touch and I appreciate all that you have done.
Robert S.
Southern California February, 2007

I found Romantic Room Designs on line while exploring hotels in Carmel. My parents were going to Carmel to celebrate their 33rd anniversary. I wanted to get something unique and unexpected. I knew where they would be staying, so I contacted Romantic Room Designs and spoke with Heidi. Heidi asked me questions about my parents and what my budget was for them. Heidi sent me a list of ideas to decorate their room. She picked the perfect things for them! Heidi went to their room before they due to arrive, decorated and had the lights & soft music on for them. Heidi called me after she had decorated their room. My parents arrived in their room and were speechless. They said it was the best surprise they ever received. It made their anniversary so special and they said they would never forget it! Romantic Room Designs is the perfect gift for anyone! I will be using them again!
Tracy S.
Clayton, CA August, 2006

I was searching on the internet for quite a while for an anniversary gift for my wife. I came across your site and really liked the concept and how unique it is. I got my order on time, it looked great and it took me only a short amount of time to have everything ready. She loved it and we still have plenty of romantic supplies left over for our next vacation. Great job!
Bob Ryan
Reno, NV September, 2006

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did in preparing the hotel room. My girlfriend, now my fiance, absolutely adored the way the room was decorated.
Michael Woo
San Jose, CA September, 2006

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful room decoration at the Tickle Pink. Everything worked out perfectly.... Again, thanks for a wonderful addition to our special day.
Nick Tucker
Texas September, 2006

You decorated my room as a surprise for my 75th birthday. I thought it was fantastic - the décor and all of the little gifts spread around the room. It helped to make the celebration all the more special.
Pat Anderson
Los Gatos, CA June, 2006

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we were more than pleased with the Anniversary Celebration Package you put together for us at the Casa Munras in Monterey. Everything was perfect - no detail was overlooked right down to the lighting and the soft music ! The room was beautifully decorated from the rose petals to the chocolate truffles to the bouquet of flowers to the chilled wine. My husband was quite delighted when we walked into the room and discovered the atmosphere was absolutely perfect to begin our anniversary celebration. I couldn't have been happier with the service and the value, Brian. You delivered the goods as promised and in high style. Romantic Room Designs is a first class operation! I've already recommended your company to friends who will be traveling to the Bay area. We wish you the best of luck and continued success!
Robin Tesseraux
Wisconsin October, 2006

Listen to Bonfire Recommendation Sound File


I guess you have another success story!

My new fiancée and I were absolutely thrilled with what you did for us. We cannot say enough about how wonderful the setup and location were, and the "message in a bottle" was such a beautiful touch. Thank you so much for helping with a memory that we'll cherish for a lifetime. If you ever need a reference, feel free to contact me.

Dave Berkowitz
San Francisco, CA October, 2006

She said "yes" and we are very happy. Wanted to thank you for everything. It was perfect. You do a lot of good things.
Mark Presser
Irvine, CA November, 2006


I don't know if it was you who set us up, but it was fantastic! My wife Laurie was very excited and was a little overwhelmed. I could have taken the credit for your romantic bonfire set-up, but I gave Romantic Room Designs the props. We were both really pleased and impressed with your professionalism and I have already referred your services to a friend.

Bob Warning
Hemet, CA February, 2007

The night turned out to be GREAT! My husband loved all the trimmings...everything went smoothly. Now, my husband and I need to keep up the romance :) Romantic Room Designs definitely got us off to a good start (with Romance Inside A Box). Thanks again for all your help. We will be in touch.
Tyea Richardson
Los Angeles, CA November, 2006
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