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Use this service! Your girl will think you are a God. Their friends will be jealous. Their friends husbands / boyfriends will hate you and never speak to you again.

I took my fiancee down to Carmel and I had Romantic Room Designs set up a beach picnic. We casually strolled down the beach and "accidentally" came across the picnic. My fiancee saw the blanket, the picnic basket, the champagne glasses and the "I Love You" spelled out in the sand with rose petals and her reaction was that someone was really romantic. Then I told her it was for us. You should have seen her face.

The really good part was when we asked a couple of women who were walking by to take our picture. They kept telling her how romantic I was and how lucky she was.

Glenn, Livermore (CA)
Romantic Picnic

One of the most romantic times a couple can share together is going on a picnic in a nice, secluded area of the forest, in a park with pretty views or out on the beach while watching the waves crash upon the shoreline. The best part of this picnic set-up is the surprise factor - they won't know you are going to have a romantic picnic together until you are standing at the blanket and staring down at your special message written in rose petals! Available for your arrival anytime between 11 AM and 2 PM.

Package Includes:
  • A Willow Picnic basket filled with gourmet deli food items including Merlot Cheddar Cheese, Tomato and Basil Summer Sausage, Toasted Water Crackers, a baguette of bread, Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Straws, Gourmet Cookies, California Nut Crunchies, Spanish Olives, tall bottle of chilled San Pellegrino Sparkling Water, deli mustard, a selection of fresh fruit, decorative napkins and plates.
  • One dozen roses wrapped in beautiful ribbon.
  • A large comfy picnic blanket
  • Depending on the location, I LOVE YOU spelled out with real rose petals or rose petals scattered around the blanket.
  • A set of wine glasses or champagne flutes
  • A romantic message inside a bottle (simply type in the text of your note in the comments section). Your message is printed on parchment with burnt edges, rolled in to a scroll, and sits on a bed of rose petals.
  • A variety of locations from which to choose (We can contact you after your order is placed to discuss the best options based on where you are staying but some include on the grass overlooking a lake and on the beach).
  • Note: Everything is yours to keep so that you can enjoy picnics together in the future.

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Price: $139.00 + tax

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